daily moments – week 5

Here’s our week . . .

I get sweet mornings with Jonas a few days a week. I am trying to get out my camera often to capture these moments.




They told me they were at “work”.img_3550

Playing Lazarus. Silas was dead and Brooks was preparing his casket. After “burying” Silas, he burst from the casket running. img_20170129_130255239

After shower lumps. They like to huddle with their towels after getting out of the shower and bath.img_20170131_184146106

A quick glimpse of Brooks on picture day on the way to the bus. He is so handsome.img_20170201_073522344

Morning reading rituals.img_20170201_074456946

Breakfast. I made Moroccan flat bread the night before, so I reheated, added butter, and seasonings.img_20170201_084028919_hdr

Confused about the weather.img_20170201_153628984

Getting dressed in the morning can be a challenge and an adventure. This is not the first time this has happened.img_20170203_065152275

Our champion! Brooks’ team won this weekend in his league. They were the underdogs and pulled out a big win. We were all excited.img_20170204_105030900

Mark was the head coach this year. I was so proud and nervous for him this whole year. Overall, we had a great experience and hope to do soccer next.img_20170204_105117641

See you next week!

One thought on “daily moments – week 5

  1. Oh my Brooks is so tall – what a great year for basketball- Silas cracks me up with everything on backwards- Jonas and his outerwear
    Love you

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