daily moments – week 6

Here’s our week . . .

The best way to have adult conversation during dinner is to turn on a movie.img_20170211_173737253

Living the dream.img_20170211_114214029_top

Always my favorite – the mail car.img_20170211_113908540

A quick lunch in the car by myself.img_20170210_124234263_hdr

Attempting to workout in the mess.img_20170209_093153511

Silas gave himself first place on his newest release – “My Adventure Book.”img_20170208_140915667_top

First class ticket.img_20170207_161423962-copy

Putting him to work while we wait for the bus. img_20170207_154333-copy

The only benefit to being outside before 7:30am.img_20170207_073351221-copy

Super Bowl food.img_20170205_181443959-copy

My contribution to last week’s party Feta Tapenade Tarte Soleil.img_20170205_172140

See you next week!

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