About The Boys (and the Mom)

There are currently 4 males in the house: Mark (Dad), Brooks (Big Brother), Silas (Little Brother), and Jonas (Littlest brother). I am the one who keeps it all together. I am the Mom.

This is what you need to know about me:

I love food. I think I should stress this again – I LOVE Food. You’ll see many references to food on this site because in my view life revolves around food.

I’m in my thirties.

I have an amazingly supportive and loving husband (sorry if I got a bit gushy).

I stay at home and sometimes I wish I didn’t (only for brief moments – like when Silas decides it is better to rub pesto in his ears rather than eat it).

I’m from the Midwest and have deep roots there, but I have found a home in the South.

Now the Boys:

Mark loves food, as well, but he is more interested in how it is grown. He has a green thumb and I do not. I can cook up just about anything that he can grow, so it works.

Brooks has many loves: trains, cars, tools, bulldozers, puzzles, Daddy, planes, and cake.

Sweet Silas, he wants to be just like big brother so you can include everything above in his ‘love’ list. He is silly, clumsy (I’m hoping this will improve with age), and just plain sweet.

And little guy, Jonas, has all the potential of enjoying all of the above, but is happy to watch the crazy around him.


What will you find on this site?

I designed this site originally to share pictures, stories, moments, and videos to my family and friends scattered around the globe. My goal is still very much the same, but since staying at home I’ve discovered I need a creative outlet. So along with precious pictures and thoughts about the boys you will also see the latest of what I’ve been up to in the kitchen or making our house our home.

Hope you Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “About The Boys (and the Mom)

  1. Tell Mark his REAL roots are “The Ghetto Chateau”. Looks like you all are doing great. Rachel says hi too. ~Kirk Swanson

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