daily moments – week 4

Here’s our week . . .

The boys play UNO every morning and evening. It is their favorite game.img_3471


They got robes this week because they kept taking mine. They felt so good in them they started doing ninja moves.img_3487

And then this happened. Really this happens every night. img_3488


Last Sunday, we went to Fermentation Fest in Decatur. The boys made fermented carrots. We are enjoying them today.img_20170122_134853769

A quick stop for ice cream. img_20170122_141125711

And a stop by a children’s bookstore. I love this picture. Can’t wait to introduce the boys to Harry Potter.img_20170122_142148811

Jonas loved the Goodnight Moon room at the bookstore – mostly because of the train table.img_20170122_142300509

My breakfast one morning. I made these “Everything” biscuits from a new cookbook.


Before bed shenanigans.img_20170125_191345546

Lunch. This is my go to during the week. Everything in the fridge salad.img_20170126_122851609

I cleaned out the fridge this week and it felt so good. img_20170126_151609183

Our tiny astronaut.img_20170127_113556025_hdr

Saturday was busy. Snacks at the basketball game.img_20170128_092506875

The boy who scored his team’s last two points. img_20170128_100041780_hdr

The brother who ate during the entire game. Its the only way to keep him in his seat.img_20170128_100100321

Next stop, birthday party. We had back-to-back parties on Saturday. I didn’t get a picture of the second party because it was so chaotic. The boys said they had the best day.img_20170128_143802163

See you next week!

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