And There Goes June . . .

While the month of June goes flying by, we are keeping busy with out-of-town guests (already 3 sets of visitors and we are expecting a few more before the month ends!) and projects (and a special 1 year birthday!).
Remember my obsession with peaches? They are in season and I’m doing everything I can to savor every one. Tonight we had BLT(P)s with peaches in place of tomatoes and basil and lemon mayo. Wow! I salivated just writing that last sentence. They were that good.
Brooks has been busy with cars, trains, play-doh, church camp, and pool time. Which has freed me up to try my hand in peach jam.
Unfortunately all my enthusiasm from the successful strawberry jam could not help my peaches. Both batches never set, so we now have plenty of delicious peach sauce! I foresee many pancakes, biscuits, and pound cakes in our future.
Brooks has also been practicing his fishing skills. He casts in the pool with a casting plug instead of a hook. He is not too bad which makes Mark very proud. We tried several times to get a good shot of him casting, but every time the camera would roll the weight would get stuck or Silas would need attention. So the below video is the best we could do. And if you are wondering why Silas is not in this post, its because he will have  a couple of posts dedicated solely to him since he will be turning 1 on Thursday!