daily moments – week 1

Welcome 2016! Its hard to believe its here because I hardly had time to reflect on this past year. We were visiting family all last week. Here’s our first week . . .

My nephew was determined to arrive in 2015. He was due in Feburary but my sister went into labor on December 27th. Carson was born on the 30th – 6 weeks early. He is doing well and so is his mom.IMG_9010

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Daily Moments – Week 51

We are back. This will be my last post of 2014! Crazy how fast that went. We just got back into town and this post would have been up last night but I had some technical difficulties. We were in Illinois for the Christmas holiday and sick most of the time. We made the most of the healthy moments though. Here’s our week . . .

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Every Child’s Dream

My Grandparents live in the country. They’ve been there a long time. In fact, my Grandmother has lived on the same piece of property for most of her life. They proudly refer to themselves as ‘country people.’ Growing up I was at their house frequently. I have fond memories of this place. There’s fishing, swimming (pool or lake), animals, plenty of room to run, toys, four wheelers, tractors, and a guarantee that Grandma is cooking up something delicious. The boys had loads of fun and were exhausted and needed a bath at the close of every evening.

The Fourth!

Happy Late Fourth!
We, like usual, were not at home to celebrate this holiday. We traveled north to Illinois to attend a wedding and to see family. As Brooks is getting older, I’m realizing how much I want him to have the same fun memories I had as a kid in rural America. So we made sure we were at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house on the Fourth to party with family. We arrived in the afternoon in time for a meal, a quick swim, and fireworks.
Fourth of July is not complete without a delicious spread . . .
family . . .
cheesy patriotic gear . . .
and cobbler.
Even Silas got his first taste of homemade cobbler (the blackberries were freshly picked by my mom).
The ducks got a chance to have a swim and entertained the kids (and adults) for awhile.
And like most places in the Eastern portion of the U.S., we had several days of 100+ heat. So, after our dinner we rinsed out the duck pool and filled it for the kids.
After their dip, we put on pj’s and got ready for bed.
But first we had a dance party to Disney classics. (Notice the old tape player. It is over 20 years old!)
We put Silas to bed and then headed to the fireworks show.
This lovely couple got married three days later which was the main reason we were in Illinois. Congratulations Abigail and Nathaniel!
Brooks sat in awe the entire show.
Wasn’t too bad of show considering we were in the middle of nowhere U.S.A.
Happy Fourth of July! (Can you see the silos in the back?)
The next day we hung out with some close friends. This is Elias . . .
and his sister Aurora. I’ve been friends with their Mama for a long time.
Alison and I meet in 5th grade and have been friends since. We’ve stayed close all these years despite me moving away when I was 16 and not living even remotely close to one another (when I moved back to Illinois she moved to California, and then I moved to D.C. and she moved to Seattle, and now she lives back in St.Louis and we live in the South). Someday we hope we can be closer, but until then we have to settle on twice a year visits.
Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday!