Happy Birthday Jonas!

Hey “J”, “Jo”, “Barrett Baby”, “Jonas Bonus” and all the many names your brothers, Dad, and I have given you. We are all in love and delight over you. My precious boy you have brought so much joy (and chaos) into our lives! Happy Birthday my little one.

June 12, 2014: 

Our first picture together! So relieved you were finally here. You arrived so quickly and hands first ready to reach out and grab hold of the world. This is still your personality.IMG_1393

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Daily Moments – Week 40 (Brooks’ Fabulous Birthday Weekend)

We had a fun week as Brooks turned 5. I think he still wishes it was his birthday. Here’s our week . . .

This is a “shooter-ba-dooter.” That is exactly how he pronounces it. The funny thing is he is very serious about this toy and its name. I asked him to repeat it a couple times to make sure I heard him right.

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Daily Moments – Week 24 (Silas is 3)

Here’s our week . . .

My sweet blond-headed (I mention his blondness often because I am so shocked that he has blonde hair) Silas turned 3 yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to fully think through this milestone because I have been a bit distracted this week. But now that I am writing this post, it makes me sad to think of him as a big boy. Like most Moms we want them to grow up and become independent, but at the same time we still want them to need us. This is going too fast.

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Parties, Parties, Parties (this is a long one)

Are you ready for a post full of pictures? If so, proceed.

So I mentioned in the last post I was in the process of planning some parties for Brooks. He had two on his birthday and one in Illinois two days later. By the end of his birthday extravaganza, my stomach was a wreck and so was Silas’ (he vomited from eating too much chocolate icing). At least it was fun eating all those celebration treats – on the way in.

These are the donuts I made for Brooks’ preschool class. I let Brooks and Silas lick the parchment paper after the glaze was dry. Brooks’ response was, “Mama, these are just so good.” I know little guy. There is lots and lots of butter in the glaze. You can find the recipe here for the pumpkin donuts. While you’re there, check out the rest of her site. Its inspiring.

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Happy Birthday! Brooks is 3

Today Brooks celebrates his 3rd birthday. I’m filled with memories and stories of this sweet boy and think about the moments that brought us to where we are now. I’m exhausted. Not only because I’ve been planning his parties – yes parties, as in more than one. I’m exhausted because of all the thought and worry and prayers and work Mark and I have put into this little boy. And that is one of the reason why he is one lucky guy.

Little Brooks,

Happy Birthday! I’m so excited that you are excited. This is the first year that you understand what a birthday is and what you do at a birthday – you eat cake. You’ve been talking about your birthday since March, so I think we are all happy that it is here.

Before you were born, I couldn’t wait to see you and hold you. I don’t know if I’ve ever planned, worried, or longed for any other single event in my whole life. Everyday, you surprise us with your words, stories, and songs. You are becoming a wonderful little guy so fast.

Since its your birthday, here are some of my favorite memories, pictures, and things about you.

I love your smile. Its contagious!

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