Daily Moments – Week 1

I know that this is not the first week of January, but because I do my posts on Sunday this is our first week. I considered doing a different theme for the blog this year, but tracking our life through pictures of our week is so much easier than what I was doing before. And I’ve gotten a better response from family and friends on the blog. So we are back to another 52 weeks. Here’s to a New Year of blogging!

There is nothing like homemade broth. IMG_0426

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Parties, Parties, Parties (this is a long one)

Are you ready for a post full of pictures? If so, proceed.

So I mentioned in the last post I was in the process of planning some parties for Brooks. He had two on his birthday and one in Illinois two days later. By the end of his birthday extravaganza, my stomach was a wreck and so was Silas’ (he vomited from eating too much chocolate icing). At least it was fun eating all those celebration treats – on the way in.

These are the donuts I made for Brooks’ preschool class. I let Brooks and Silas lick the parchment paper after the glaze was dry. Brooks’ response was, “Mama, these are just so good.” I know little guy. There is lots and lots of butter in the glaze. You can find the recipe here for the pumpkin donuts. While you’re there, check out the rest of her site. Its inspiring.

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