Daily Moments – Week 20

It was Beach Week for us. After getting back, I was asked, “How was your trip?”  Honestly, it was the first real beach trip I’ve had in awhile. No breastfeeding, no nap schedule, no specific bedtime, and the adult to kid ratio was high (5 grandparents!) – it was awesome. I actually got to sit on the beach.  We had a great week and we are currently enjoying a day off.

Here’s our week  . . .

Getting ready to go. Both boys insisted on wearing hats.

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Holiday on the Beach

It’s been awhile. I think its been over 2 weeks since I posted anything new. Sorry to those who check the blog regularly.
We do have a good excuse. We’ve been to the beach.
Luckily it was the whole family, so Mark and I got a bit of a break from the kiddos. He was able to do some wind-surfing and I was able to finish a book and get a bit of rest.
See those dark-colored objects?
Those are sting rays. They visited us several times a day going up and down the shore. I couldn’t believe how close they got to us.
The picture above was taken at 6:30am. Yep, that’s right. 6:30 AM! I guess it never occurred to them to sleep in since they were on vacation. Luckily, Mark and my parents gave me a few mornings to sleep until 8.
On our trip Lala turned 1. She had a party while we were there, but I’ll get to that in a minute.
We had a photo session one evening (it wouldn’t be a beach vacay without one). I took about 100 pictures but only a handful turned out okay.
It takes many hands and patience to get these three together.
Silas made it half-way through and then zonked. This is not the first time this happened. He fell asleep about three times on the beach and Brooks fell asleep a couple of times too. For both boys, I have used a sound machine to help them sleep since they were infants. So guess what setting I usually have it? Ocean. The sound of the beach must have lulled them to sleep.
Silas slept through this picture.
My sisters and Mom.
And now its time to party.
Here she is, the birthday princess. Her skirt was a little heavy so she was wobbly on her feet.
Ha, look at her hands in this picture.
Happy Birthday Lala!
We headed home the next day. We had a sick kid (Silas, who is still suffering from his summer cold and infected several others with his illness). It was a good vacation because we got to see family, but I think Mark and I can agree that going to the beach with babes that need to nurse, have a regular nap and bedtime is not really a true beach vacation. We look forward to doing it again next year with little ones that are a bit older.