Daily Moments – Week 38

This week was all about antibiotics. It started on Monday and we are still dealing with it today. Both Brooks and I were in Urgent Care this afternoon. Strep has been passed from child to parent along with, a sinus infection, and a round of hand foot and mouth. Despite all the frustration, we still had an okay week.

I made vegan breadsticks. I used a recipe for vegan parmesan that isn’t too bad.
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Daily Moments – Week 39

It just hit me today that I have been doing this for 39 weeks! You have gotten to see the intimates details of our daily routine for 273 days (I’m pretty sure my math is right on this since I Googled it – Ha!). I’m so glad I started journaling (I just spell checked this word on Google) through pictures. If you missed it, this is where I got my inspiration. I love this blog. And now for our week . . .

Brooks turned half of a cement truck into a face mask.
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Daily Moments – Week 12

I’m a bit late. I usually like to get my post ready on Sunday and then I publish on Monday, but I decided to go on break. As you know, Sunday was Easter and we had family for the whole weekend and the weekend before we had friends. So we’ve been busy and I’m tired. I thought I deserved a day off.

Here’s what we’ve been up to . . .


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Kale + Arugula Pesto

Here’s a change up to the typical basil pesto. I’m trying to get as many nutrients into my little ones as I can. So I made this delicious pesto and they had no clue they were eating their greens.


Use about this much arugula. I got this from my garden. Crazy I’m still getting arugula, lettuce, parsley, rosemary, and oregano from my garden. Wish I could give you a more exact amount, but I do a lot of my cooking in handfuls and pinches. Continue reading

Daily Moments – Week 2

Hello Friends –

I’m back with a series of photos that captures our week. After writing this post, I realized most of the photos are of Silas. So to balance it out, I’m attaching a video of Brooks at the end. He is singing a song he recently learned at preschool about snowflakes.


Almond crossiants. If  you have a Trader Joe’s nearby you must get these. They are in the frozen section. Continue reading

Starting a New Year

I looked at my goals for last year and laughed because I didn’t achieve a single one – I still care very much what my house looks like, I didn’t finish my piano piece, and I’m doing okay praying more for my kids, so I guess I’m 1 for 3.

040This year I’m making it simple – go to bed before 11pm and pray for my kids more. That’s it.  Continue reading