daily moments – week 38

Not a lot of pictures this week. I was preoccupied with life. Dad was gone for the week so I was a single parent which meant I was exhausted the entire week. Dad is now back and already everything feels normal again. He was missed.

Here’s our week . . .

Lunch one afternoon. It was satisfying and comforting and exactly what I needed on a hard day.img_2855

We started decorating for Fall. Jonas has already destroyed 50% of the decorations. img_2859




I told Brooks to look in the mirror and see if there’s a problem with his shirt. He looked and said, “no.” I took his picture and asked him again, “Brooks, is there something wrong with your shirt in this picture?” He looked confused. I told him his collar was tucked in. Mark walked in and said, “I thought it looked fine.” This is why it takes us awhile to get to church every Sunday.

Its time to harvest all my basil.

We discovered audio books during quiet time is genius! img_20160917_184910

Trying to kill time one evening we made a pumpkin hopscotch. It quickly turned into hot lava with sword slaying.

Brooks’ requests for books.img_20160917_185122

The sunset was amazing.img_20160917_185152

Jonas found the chocolate. Can you tell he has no shame?img_20160917_185252

Speaking of chocolate, I got a box today as a thank you. I have only eaten one.img_20160917_153149270

See you next week!

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