daily moments – week 37

Our first week was a success! I think we are going to have a great year.

Here’s our week . . .

First Day pictures. Silas refused to cooperate.img_2830


We made pancakes one morning. We used the blackberries that we picked this summer.img_2845

We had smores tonight. img_2848

Doesn’t he look old?img_2849

Little guy sat in his little chair and bossed everyone around. img_2851

Silas was busy with his legos this week. He wanted me to take a picture of his ramp for his rocket. img_20160907_143453101

Waiting for the bus. Jonas attempted to get on the bus.img_20160908_074410

I got a giggle out the front of this package.

We had a chance to walk before I dropped him off. He was so happy to be in the Ergo as opposed to the stroller.img_20160908_090900318

Book of the week.img_20160908_162926712

I know these leaves might be brown because of the lack of rain, but I hope its because Fall is almost here.img_20160908_183652314

The way he prefers to “ride”.img_20160910_210722We are to this stage!


Dinner. I love the my new dishtowel.img_20160910_210851
See you next week!

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