daily moments – week 39

I got the chance to leave the town for a few days sans kids and husband. I met a few friends in New Orleans. It was so nice to get out and what a neat city.

Here’s our week . . .

Cutie with his blues.


My table is looking festive.img_2899

Trader Joe’s is selling pasta in the shape of pumpkins. I made mac n cheese.

We are studying England this month. The boys built Big Ben.img_2904

Walking home from school drop off.img_20160922_082416806_hdr

Breakfast in New Orleans.img_20160923_095004129

So charming.img_20160923_122434917_hdr

I got to go to the National WWII Museum. It was incredible.img_20160923_162015337

When in Rome . . . img_20160924_122508716

Sometimes it felt like I was somewhere in Europe and not Louisiana. img_20160924_123952147_hdr

Fishing with Dad.img_20160924_133203870

Dinner one evening.img_20160925_190458

Studying about England with pounds and Big Ben.img_20160925_190930

See you next week!

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