daily moments – week 3

Here’s our week . . .

Silas left me “mail” in my mailbox – the kitchen towel drawer.IMG_20160112_073644605

Silas made himself a train. Jonas wanted to be apart of it.IMG_20160112_081013095

I am still doing my twilight runs. Its so nice to get away for a little bit even if its just for 15 minutes.IMG_20160112_181646706

Brooks had ear tubes put in this week. This is his second set. All three boys now have tubes. IMG_20160115_125436

Post Sunday nap fuzziness.IMG_20160116_191456

For about 10 minutes this week, all three boys were busy.untitled (1 of 17)

untitled (2 of 17)

I made “hippie bowls” this week. Everything but the sauce was good.untitled (3 of 17)

So I used the leftovers for breakfast. It was delicious.untitled (4 of 17)

This is a funny picture. He has a weird look on his face and he looks old. He is still cute, though.untitled (5 of 17)
untitled (6 of 17)

Silas was pretending not to care.untitled (7 of 17)

And then I turned on the music to Polar Express and he came alive. Its his favorite. It doesn’t matter what time of year.untitled (8 of 17)

untitled (9 of 17)

His cereal was in the wrong location.untitled (10 of 17)

untitled (11 of 17)

We made oatmeal pancakes. They were delicious and you almost forgot how good they are for you.
untitled (12 of 17)

Brooks has a loose tooth.untitled (13 of 17)

This is a big milestone. He plays with it a lot.untitled (14 of 17)

untitled (15 of 17)

I know I take so many pictures of this little guy but he is just so darn cute and is always underfoot.untitled (16 of 17)

untitled (17 of 17)

See you next week.

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