daily moments – week 2

Life is somewhat back to the norm. Kids are in school and my days are becoming routine.

Here’s a look at our week. . .

A Jedi and a train conductor.IMG_9124

Making sure no passenger gets left behind on the Polar Express.

Popcorn makes a great garnish. This is pea soup with proscuitto. It was pretty good and Jonas loved it so it will be on repeat.IMG_9137

Finally cooking our pumpkins from Halloween.IMG_9149

“Mom, I have a hat.”

Silas wanted to take my picture. This was also the day I decided not to wear makeup.

They are having a lot of fun with the fake mustaches I got them for Christmas.

Editing the pictures of my nephew.IMG_20160104_204922545_HDR

A winter salad – kale, grapefruits (cocktail and red), pickled onions, and goat cheese.IMG_20160106_124133458_HDR

I took some pictures in the city on Thursday and picked up some cupcakes. It was a good day.IMG_20160107_180853939

School is back in session. I have mixed feelings.IMG_20160108_143333724

This one just gets cuter everyday.IMG_20160108_155837568

Unfortunately the tantrums are increasing, as well.IMG_20160109_140412

Trying to take a selfie with Brooks and then Jonas sat on my lap.IMG_20160109_140447Counting chickpeas for school.IMG_20160109_140544

I taught Silas how to do the dishes.

Getting a treat.

See you next week!

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