daily moments – week 4

We had an exciting with the possibility of snow.

Here’s our week . . .

Watching a movie with popcorn. Jonas has found his way into the huddle.IMG_0001

It’s snowing! I was just as excited as the boys.IMG_0003



He had a great time just trying to catch up with the boys. I guess this is a picture of Jonas standing in Jonas. (Do you get it?)IMG_0015


We might of just got a sprinkling compared to our friends up in D.C. but we still had a great time.IMG_0020


I made Mark take pictures of me to prove I was there.


The next morning I got to work in the kitchen which honestly is my favorite thing about a snow day. This is wild looking guy was pureed with apples, fennel, and potatoes (along with butter and cream).IMG_0033

I baked bread and apple and cherry turnovers.IMG_0043

Definitely doing this again.IMG_0045

Little man lost his tooth this week at the dentist. He had been playing with it for several weeks. Without much drama, he pulled it out in the dentist chair.IMG_20160119_175331799

Most mornings I fight this. I try to keep him awake until naptime at 1pm. Sometimes I just give in because he looks so cute.

Lunch time. He is still not the greatest eater but at least we know its because of stubborness and not any lingering issues. We got the bill of health at the Dr this week. IMG_20160120_120333673

Having fun at preschool pickup.IMG_20160120_125155196_HDR

Breakfast one morning with leftovers. IMG_20160121_084430572

How we walk – hoodie, coat, and full bib (and a paci). He was laughing so hard his eyes are closed.IMG_20160121_101555867_HDR

A sunny picture on my table during our “snow” storm.IMG_20160123_095647

Three little men in the tub.IMG_20160123_201204

Evening walk with Dad. IMG_20160123_201456

See you next week!

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