daily moments – week 48

This week was a bit nutty with Thanksgiving and traveling. Here’s a look at our week.  . .

The first few are of the boys and my nieces and nephews.

He looks so old. untitled (3 of 101)

This is the look of utter despair. He didn’t want his picture taken. A friend coined this look as “Silas-ing.”untitled (6 of 101)

One of my sweet nieces.
untitled (8 of 101)

And the youngest.untitled (11 of 101)
untitled (30 of 101)

He still has the same sweet face as the day he was born.
untitled (86 of 101)

Look out for these three. So much noise and energy.untitled (100 of 101)

One morning out on top of a mountain.

Peek-a-boo brother.IMG_20151123_161356225

Silas hiding from Brooks under the table at Chick-fil-A.IMG_20151124_094045840

Shishito peppers with lime zest, sugar, and salt.IMG_20151124_165400150_HDR

Still working on my brown rectangle/scarf. Almost done.IMG_20151125_112402882_HDR

The start of the race on Thanksgiving morning!IMG_20151126_082647397_HDR

Our first race! They had so much fun. I am pretty sure this will be a tradition. And Silas did run in his Natives. He said they were his fastest shoes.IMG_20151128_194811

He seems so tall.IMG_20151128_195007

Preparing for dinner – 6 kids, 6 adults.IMG_20151128_195156

A quick stop for a hotdog with friends.IMG_20151128_195243

This stuff was amazing and keep me going during an afternoon of thrift shopping.IMG_20151128_144147948_HDR

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and see you next week!

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