daily moments – week 47

Here’s our week . . .

I found this awesome video on youtube. Its a kids yoga video with Star Wars. They boys loved it.IMG_20151121_173056195

This one will be the death of me. IMG_20151121_162849647

We did Christmas pictures this week.untitled (1 of 1)

Mark made pancakes one morning as a surprise. He made them from scratch.IMG_5168

Hey Buddy, could you try to not jump from the window ledge for just one day. Thanks.IMG_5170





Brooks brought home this art project. Its a race track and has been a center piece on our table for a week now.IMG_20151116_153856781

Brooks made wall decor. In case I get confused which light sabre belongs to whom, I now have a handy graph.IMG_20151117_082518814

At the park.IMG_20151117_162945080

I have been making big breakfasts this week – polenta, peppers, mushrooms, eggs.IMG_20151118_080808526

He refuses to eat with a spoon so why not blocks. At least its going in his mouth.IMG_20151118_120038846

One afternoon my caffeine didn’t come until 4pm.


Brooks made a get well card for a friend. He even included her birthday – July 27.IMG_20151118_163840507_HDR

One night I outdid myself with a Moroccoan style whole chicken with onions and peas.IMG_20151118_172526093

Another big breakfast. This time potatoes.IMG_20151119_081249849_HDR

The aftermath of a 17 month old throwing a tantrum.IMG_20151119_101448133

Silas was a turkey in his first preschool program debut. He did the “turkey afraid” character well.IMG_20151119_131455758

Dancing to Polar Express music in shorts on a warm day.IMG_20151120_165517132

Mark’s choice of a birthday breakfast.

Minds were blown.IMG_20151121_121650224

See you next week! Happy Thanksgiving!

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