daily moments – week 46

And we are back! We all had a nice 2 weeks and now we are doing life as usual.

Super Silas trying to be a super helper.IMG_20151111_082706868

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Future paleontologist.IMG_20151111_155539404_HDR

Dad and Silas “camping.”IMG_20151111_182329031

Brooks was “Fighting Bear” for his Thanksgiving program at school. He is still playing his role with Star Wars influences.IMG_20151112_155451293_HDR

My three jedis.IMG_20151112_163006008

Working through lunch.IMG_20151113_130005168_HDR

Jonas’ first selfie.IMG_20151113_150808251

Our family photo shoot was interrupted by a Civil War reenactment.IMG_20151114_111214146

Waiting for the battle to be over with some friends.IMG_20151114_112720567

Mark’s birthday is next week but we did an early celebration with neighbors. IMG_20151114_143041062_HDR

Brooks’ homework. I love that he is putting sentences together.IMG_20151115_000316

This was taken exactly a week ago on a plane back to Atlanta. The sunset was crazy and it seemed like I was the only one who noticed. This picture doesn’t do it justice.

See you next week!

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