daily moments – week 49

Christmas is so soon. I am trying to survive and have a good time while doing it. Its not easy. I have been trying to do fun things with the boys, but it can be hard to keep it all together. 19 more days!

Here’s our week . . .

Foggy morning. IMG_20151201_094028906

Making decorations for the tree. This year all our decor is toddler proof which has turned out to be fun.IMG_20151201_163246183

Bathtime can be the best time.IMG_20151201_174845562

His favorite. He LOVES! dogs.IMG_20151201_182514109

My little mustashed conductor.IMG_20151203_141941744

I had a thing this week with hard boiled eggs and salmon.IMG_20151204_092230094

Chili with the extras can be so soothing.IMG_20151204_122734122

He can fully operate a washer and dryer. Came home from preschool drop off with the dryer on. Arrrrgh.IMG_20151205_221103

The boys made dinner for everyone on Monday. We were learning about thankfulness, especially for those that make the food.IMG_20151205_223045

The marshmallows have started and thankfully ended. I now have over 400 marshmallows in 4 flavors in my dining room.IMG_20151206_151255 (1)

Silas and I discovered roasted chestnuts for the first time this week.untitled (1 of 17)

I loved them but he thought they needed oil and salt.untitled (2 of 17)

The perfect egg – 6 1/2 minutes makes a nice custardy yolk with fully set whites.untitled (3 of 17)

Cilantro, jicama, and avocado for chili.untitled (4 of 17)

It is a battle to get this one to wear socks and tennis shoes.
untitled (5 of 17)

I found something that entertains him – blocks and cars.untitled (6 of 17)

Sweet cornbread.
untitled (7 of 17)

Gingerbread doughnuts were a hit and so easy.untitled (9 of 17)

untitled (10 of 17)

Decorating!untitled (11 of 17)

untitled (12 of 17)

untitled (13 of 17)

untitled (14 of 17)

untitled (15 of 17)

untitled (16 of 17)

untitled (17 of 17)

We are still working on our tree and finishing up some Christmas projects. Hope to be finished soon! See you next week!

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