daily moments – week 37

It really feels like Fall! I love it. No more sticky skin and mosquitos and shorts! Summer is probably at the bottom of my list for seasons and Fall is at the top. I have had a spring in my step and the air feels so crisp. My entire week of photos are from my phone so I apologize again for the quality.

Here’s our week . . .

These two . . . .IMG_20150907_143815

Where’s Jonas?

Sunday morning breakfast.IMG_20150907_084053303_HDR

Basil bouquet for a friend.IMG_20150908_195037218

Potato salad with a Moroccan twist.IMG_20150909_125005279

Brushing teeth can be a group activity.IMG_20150910_184358416_HDR

The boys made a zipline with the hose.IMG_20150911_163123750

Dinner in the garage with sandwiches. IMG_20150911_172620206_HDR

I love when this happens. He nurses and then peacefully falls asleep. IMG_20150911_183653673

Peeking on storytime.IMG_20150911_183859275

Jonas will only allow us to watch. He is insistent on feeding himself.IMG_20150912_210843

The sky was so blue on Saturday.IMG_20150912_210949

Captain America with his fish. He painted the orange one on the wall.IMG_20150912_211506

Perfect breakfast – Egg-in-the-hole with challah, tomatoes, dill, and avocado. IMG_20150912_211559


Chicken soup with dill. Homemade chicken broth makes a big difference.IMG_20150912_212119

A fun cloud day. We had storms on and off all day.IMG_20150912_212429

Big clouds.IMG_20150912_212600

Brooks made a flag to go with his boat. He told me he was at war with China (Mark took Brooks and Silas to a history museum recently).IMG_20150912_090321038

Football, a messy house, and happy kids – a normal Saturday. IMG_20150912_124407787_HDR

See you next week!

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