daily moments – week 38

Here’s our week . . .

I tried to spend some time this week photographing little Jonas. He is busy these days.IMG_3258

IMG_3265And messy!IMG_3301

Sushi for lunch. IMG_3304

An afternoon with Jonas.IMG_3314


The gray material he is grabbing is my gown. He was mad that I wouldn’t let him play with the camera bag.IMG_3345

He loves this drawer.IMG_3351

Every free moment, this one is drawing. IMG_3378

Is he 13 or 5?IMG_3384


My Instagram feed has been blown up with pictures of savory oatmeal. This was my breakfast – oatmeal with butter, mushrooms, celery and dill. It was delicious.IMG_3391

Sunday morning. Once again, I dressed us the same. IMG_3398

Beautiful weather week!IMG_20150913_175219598

He still likes his notes.IMG_20150914_154021691

I can’t help myself. At this point though, I wonder if they even notice or care.IMG_20150914_184103749_HDR

Bean salad for lunch.IMG_20150915_114858153

Blue! No filter.IMG_20150915_153828860_HDR

This dinner looked like spring! Goat cheese ravioli with peas, spinach, and dill.


I know this picture is not the greatest quality but I loved the outfit and the stool.IMG_20150916_080721687

Someone figured out how to cut his hair. I thought only girls do this.IMG_20150916_162913859_HDR

Vegan Italian wraps were an easy dinner and they were tasty.

He still wants to be a baby.IMG_20150917_084347520

Snack and toys.IMG_20150917_145639329

Lunch time at school with Brooks.IMG_20150918_125833817

Smoothie date with Silas.IMG_20150918_142115096

We had a strep scare this week. Mark and I had to take the whole family to get tested.IMG_20150918_160707636_HDR

The boys made me lunch (and dessert).IMG_20150919_122926164

See you next week!

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