daily moments – week 36

Silas started preschool and I had to remember what its like to just have a toddler. This weekend Mark took the older two to beach while I stayed home with Jonas. It was a nice break.

Here’s our week . . .

I did some pickling.IMG_2311

Enjoying our last moments at the pool.IMG_20150829_130020941_HDR

Silas really wanted this picture to work out.IMG_20150831_152918067

I can’t stop eating cookies.IMG_20150902_075327328_HDR

Playground morning before school. We have a two hour segment between bus pickup and preschool drop-off.IMG_20150902_085225874

I found you!IMG_20150902_090650112

Wandering through the flowers.

A Silas creation.IMG_20150902_161848887

Silas told me this says, “Avocado, remotes, and Jonas”.IMG_20150903_090448222

Making animal noises.IMG_20150903_104857929_HDR


Couldn’t make it to lunch.IMG_20150903_122749821

Everything in the fridge salad.IMG_20150903_123625668

The afternoon when Jonas kicked the yogurt cup out of my hand during a tantrum and I said a few choice words hoping that no one heard me.IMG_20150903_144817344

Finding my shoes in the trash the same day of the yogurt tantrum.IMG_20150903_150627039_HDR

Discovering the use of a track.IMG_20150903_182507322

Game day.IMG_20150904_073119529

A new recipe for hummus that I am really excited about. Its a game changer.IMG_20150904_122342691_HDR

Popsicles in the afternoon.IMG_20150904_154359913

The boys at the beach with Dad.IMG_20150905_085508171


Celery Salad.IMG_20150905_125804058

I subconsciously dress like my children or maybe I dress them like me. (Not pictured are my navy and white striped shorts).IMG_20150905_153540270

Tortillas taste good with everything.


First day folder.IMG_20150906_135914

Trains before school.IMG_20150906_140257

I rode my bike to Preschool Open House.IMG_20150906_140502

First Day of Pre-K!IMG_2231-1



I was trying to tempt Jonas to come over to the beans and take a bite.IMG_2238-5


It worked!IMG_2242-7


Deconstructed salad.IMG_2253-10

I turn around for 2 seconds and this happens.IMG_2262-11

They loved this.




I love this picture. IMG_2309-17

See you next week!

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