Daily Moments – Week 35

Here’s our week . . .

Bath time.IMG_2167

We have special bath tablets that dye the water and on this night the boys wanted pink.IMG_2171

I think this was right after Brooks roared.IMG_2180


Baby feet.IMG_2194

We moved Jonas into his own room so we had to change the toddler bed back to a crib. Its was bittersweet. I think even Mark misses him.IMG_2196

First day of preschool. As usual, these two had a hard time standing still for a picture.IMG_2204






Our favorite meal of the week – Korean Beef. I found it on Pinterest.

Mark is making muscadine wine. He got them from our park down the road.IMG_2243

Another fantastic meal, okra, tomatoes, bacon, and grits.IMG_2249

After our first week of preschool. He loves it!IMG_2250

Brooks is doing really well at school, too. And he is into growling instead of smiling.IMG_2257

Brooks took the next few.IMG_2259



Jonas is finding his hands.IMG_2264



I made a cherry pie this week just because I love cherry pie.IMG_2282


We finally opened up a present from Christmas. We had been telling the boys for 8 months that we would do it on a rainy day. Today was rainy. Its an ice cream truck made of cardboard. I give it 3 days before its in pieces.IMG_2285

Jonas was curious about the baby in the phone starring back at him.IMG_20140831_141045370

I went to the movies this week and sat in reclining seats. IMG_20140901_203605438

Brooks built a firehouse.IMG_20140902_155416235

My dairy free life has been made easier because of these products.IMG_20140903_080314

I got out on a walk this week. I am trying to get back on the exercise wagon.IMG_20140903_110242413

They told me they were working out.IMG_20140904_075755232

This picture was taken after a particularly rough lesson on learning how to swing. Brooks has a hard time pumping his legs. He came inside in tears and then took a 2 hour nap.IMG_20140905_131246458

One evening we went to the town green and the boys got to play soccer, but mostly they ran, screamed and knocked each other down.IMG_20140905_181656050

Picnic dinner.IMG_20140905_182029422

A shower was thrown for me and Jonas this week and I felt very loved. It was sad to think this would be my last shower and this phase of my life is over.IMG_20140906_132650343

This is what Jonas wore.IMG_20140906_160942285

He is so smiley and happy.IMG_20140907_141329

He loves his brother. IMG_20140907_184615

Superhero juice and chocolate chip cookies. I figured the juice canceled out the cookie.IMG_20140907_185115

Jonas is going bald only the sides of his head. So it looks like he is wearing a toupee.IMG_20140907_135819104


See you next week!

3 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 35

  1. Sweet pictures! Looks like a busy and productive week. Would luv to know what was the food in the jar for the picnic dinner, looks yum!

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