Daily Moments – Week 34

Here’s our week . . .

I have started to try to spend individual time with each kid. Brooks chose to make muffins.IMG_2131

We put jam in the middle. It was homemade jam that I made in a crockpot.IMG_2136

Duck hands!IMG_2142

He really owns this look. IMG_2145

This is a series of pictures Brooks and Silas took.IMG_2147


I laughed at that this picture. The day before I filled out a survey with a series of questions on safety that said I understood handling hot liquids can be harmful to the baby. Whoops.IMG_2150

Lots of toys everywhere.IMG_2153

We play with trains every morning.

Our kids fall asleep instantly when in moving vehicles or bike trailers.IMG_20140824_151947048

The boys had a lot of fun playing in the river with Dad.IMG_20140824_161339044

I am trying to help the boys bond with Jonas. They loved feeding him.IMG_20140825_185019504

Brooks loves turning boxes into toys or costumes. He actually told me, “Mom you thought this was trash but I can turn it into something new. ” I think he saw it on Curious George.IMG_20140826_143225

Brooks’ favorite meal. Trees and Pizza! Guess which one is mine.IMG_20140826_171852163

His favorite spot in the house. He loves the wall decoration.IMG_20140827_141250

Silly boy.IMG_20140827_160150535

This one amazes me. He has started to sleep at least 10 hours at night.IMG_20140827_231740344

I got to top my coffee with coconut cream this week.

Soba noodles with cucumbers, mushrooms, and tofu.IMG_20140828_181106674

Chocolate Mousse – dairy free.IMG_20140828_184124819


It is so good. Here’s the recipe.IMG_20140828_185122989

I have to stop myself from touching him.IMG_20140829_081930

We went to Augusta this weekend. We did a lot of this in the hotel.IMG_20140829_173051

Baby thighs.IMG_20140829_160208913


Slaw dog. It was really good.IMG_20140829_183624969

My four boys. Jonas was not happy about being in his Dad’s armpit.IMG_20140829_204256282

I get excited about clouds.

I wanted to take a picture of sweet boy in his adorable smocked outfit but he was not happy.


See you next week! Enjoy your Monday.

2 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 34

  1. Great pictures, how fast they are all growing up! Baby thighs…. So so very sweet! I’m curious about the coconut cream in ur coffee, sounds delish and would b perfect to top the trader joe coffee 😉

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