Daily Moments – Week 36

Here’s our week. . .

We did some painting outside and Silas promptly dumped out all the paints.IMG_2289

Do you remember the ice cream truck from last week? We painted it this week on an especially hot day. Afterwards, we jumped in the pool to cool off.IMG_2294


You never know when you need your sword.IMG_2299

It was a mess after they were done but it took them at least 30 minutes to paint the entire truck. IMG_2301

Brooks has done a great job of making his bed this week.IMG_2306


Avocado fries.IMG_2309

I now have helpers with fruit prep. Seeds were every where within 30 seconds of this picture.IMG_2310

Sunday afternoon laziness.IMG_2311

This was sent home this week. Love this kid.IMG_2312

Brooks made Frozen characters into puppets. This is Princess Anna.IMG_20140908_152926647

Eating up the last bits of summer.IMG_20140910_135630190

I made Chili Con Carne this week. Delicious but horrible for you.IMG_20140910_180718081_HDR

This is what 11pm looks like for Brooks.IMG_20140910_222450184

He is now in his own room and is sleeping 11 hours at night. Fingers crossed this will continue.IMG_20140911_183519290

This is Jonas’ stink-eye. He still has a few small curls on top.IMG_20140912_143435879

Some days this is the best part of my day.IMG_20140914_143115

This kid. I melt with his smile.

I got a break one afternoon.IMG_20140914_143406

Done, done, and done. IMG_20140914_143533


See you next week!

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