Daily Moments – Week 27

Here’s our week . . .

He is waking up and becoming more aware of the world around him. He likes one arm in and one out.IMG_1760

Silas really loves his brother.

It’s pickle time. I opted for the bread and butter variety.IMG_1776

I took a picture of myself to remember this time in life where Jonas was small enough to fit inside a wrap.IMG_1781


I’m back in the saddle – looking up recipes.IMG_20140708_125032467

We found Silas one day sitting in a toy bin eating a cucumber, totally normal.

Not sure if Jonas was cool with this arrangement.IMG_20140709_122542

A plate of veggies entirely from the garden.IMG_20140709_191740155

I like this picture of Silas.IMG_20140710_150657

Brooks built a soccer stadium. The vehicle he made pulling into the stadium was transporting a hurt goalie.IMG_20140710_075423867

Superman was the goalie.IMG_20140710_075456579

And this called being ‘milk drunk.’IMG_20140710_150353356

Dairy-free cinnamon rolls turned out to be a winner.IMG_20140711_083746

Jonas started ranitidine (Zantac) this week. He is not a fan. IMG_20140711_092905

I am thankful for movies at the pediatrician’s office.IMG_20140711_104757432

He can hold his head up. He can also roll over, but I think that’s because his head is so heavy.IMG_20140711_150206056

Whole Foods makes deceptively creamy sorbet. I asked a few times if they were sure there was no dairy.IMG_20140711_215608380

He truly has wavy hair.IMG_20140712_100344

I could sit and stare at him for hours, but my life doesn’t allow me to so I take pictures.

Silas and Mommy date (Brooks is on vacation with grandparents).IMG_20140712_110103183

Story time can be dangerous.


See you next week!

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