Daily Moments – Week 28

Brooks was gone for a whole week on vacation with family so he is only pictured once. He told me he had a great time and we had a wonderful break.

Here’s our week . . .

My favorite way to eat garden tomatoes – with thick bacon and pickles.IMG_1790

Silas likes beets.IMG_1791

These next few were taken by Silas. He was so excited to have the camera in his hands. IMG_1796


This one was taken by me.IMG_1800







I made bread and butter and dill refrigerator pickles.

The perfect cooked egg – not completely cooked but not runny.IMG_1831

Dinner on the grill.IMG_1847

Painting outside.IMG_20140714_092325327

This made me laugh. Silas.IMG_20140714_163000818_HDR

He loves the shadows on his walls.IMG_20140715_191808993


This is what my 4 am looks like.IMG_20140717_032802532

I inherited some cocktail napkins. Is it weird how excited I am about them?IMG_20140717_160340047

Hello brother.IMG_20140718_092524037

Silas told me he was going to work.IMG_20140718_095038270

I am always surprised when people are surprised that I have a baby in the wrap. This week I caught a glimpse of myself and realized I look like a pregnant lady with a weird shirt.IMG_20140718_151302730_HDR

Going to the airport to get Brooks.IMG_20140719_135939610

So excited to have him back!IMG_20140719_155932005

Mid coo.IMG_20140719_190248326


IMG_20140720_112638See you next week!


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