Daily Moments – Week 26

I am a day late on my Sunday night deadline on getting this post online, but I promise I have a good excuse. I was in the ER with 3 week old Jonas. It turned out to be a false alarm of sorts, but it really shook me up. Otherwise, we had a fantastic week and weekend. Here’s our week . . .

A very special visit by a very special friend.

Here’s proof of our ER visit. On the bright side, I found out he is packing on the weight – 9lbs 4oz! IMG_20140707_242117534

We had a great visit with my parents (and so did the boys). These short visits makes us all wish we lived closer.

Baby socks make me giggle and pull out my hair (I find them everywhere!). These are the only ones that stay on his feet.IMG_20140630_220143

I have unfortunately turned to Curious George for babysitting while I nurse. It makes me feel a bit guilty.

We spend a lot of time keeping vehicles clean. This is a surefire way to keep them busy for at least 20 minutes.IMG_20140701_155402291_HDR

Happy Fourth!IMG_20140703_190107

My boys. Silas’ mouth was full of nuts (his favorite).


I found this fun pic this week. Brooks’ outfit makes me think of the Russian mafia.IMG_20140703_094132779

We discovered pinwheels this week.IMG_20140703_120056614

The boys love to interact with Jonas.IMG_20140703_120938438

Our first family picture.IMG_20140703_210755795


Brooks and Silas participated in a bike parade all the way to the pool. Silas cried the whole time because he wrecked en route.IMG_20140704_164814808

This is how Jonas and I will be spending our summer. (In case you are wondering – I’ve been asked often – this is a Solly Wrap. You can order them here.)IMG_20140704_190536387_HDR

Popsicles are our favorite!IMG_20140705_173242257

Sailor Jonas. I love little boys fancy clothes.IMG_20140706_140454

I really love this picture. Silas still has his baby checks. I know I will look at this picture fondly in a few years.IMG_20140706_094831894

This picture makes me want to cuddle him.IMG_20140706_151359085

Hope you had a wonderful Fourth! We will see you here next week!

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