Daily Moments – Week 21

Here’s our week . . .

My boys love peas. I got some from the farmer’s market this week.IMG_1340

Silas was surprised every time he opened up the pod and found peas inside.IMG_1349

I was going to cook with them, but I don’t think I have enough left after all the snacking.IMG_1353

This is Brooks’ favorite new toy. He even wants to go to the garage every morning to feed his shark.IMG_1356

From my garden.IMG_1357
This is a castle and the small red wheel on the blue block is a smoothie machine, according to Brooks. He told me he could make any color the queen wanted.


And this is a rocket. IMG_20140527_085649476

And since I can’t make any fun summer cocktails, I’ve created my version of a mojito – mint simple syrup and lime sparkling water.IMG_20140527_175609796_HDR

We got a Spiderman Sprinkler as a gift and the boys love it.IMG_20140529_151703757

Mark photo bombed my selfie.IMG_20140530_190032

Big surprise – pancakes. This is a pretty good recipe.IMG_20140530_081134255

We’ve found ways to cool off this summer. IMG_20140530_113207813

Silas is pretend sleeping in the water, so he tells me.IMG_20140530_160424175

He started off on the bed . . . IMG_20140530_230341263


I was trying to take an artistic picture of the popsicle with my newly painted toes and belly. Didn’t work.IMG_20140531_103348786

Brothers sleep alike.IMG_20140531_161224315_HDRSee you next week!


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