Daily Moments – Week 22

Not a lot of pictures this week because all my energy has been focused on getting this baby out.

Here’s our week . . . .

A new invention from Brooks – grape tomatoes as wheels and apple slice is the car body.IMG_1362

I made biscuits from scratch for the first time this week. Not bad.IMG_1365

I love peonies. I had to by them when I saw them at the store.

We were watching T.V. and this guy couldn’t make it.IMG_1373

And about 3 minutes after this picture was taken the other was asleep as well.IMG_1376

I might of had this salad 3 times this week – roasted beets, pickled onions, sunflower seeds, and goat cheese.IMG_20140604_213037


More coloring. I can’t move around like I used to so we have been finding ways to stay entertained without a lot of movement.IMG_20140604_165157177

He loves eating flour.

I finished a project. The boys love it. I got the inspiration from here.IMG_20140608_212900

Brooks is into building boats.IMG_20140608_214626

This was our dinner tonight. It was whatever we had in the fridge.IMG_20140608_181629563_HDR


Hopefully, next time I will have some baby news. See you next week!

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