Daily Moments – Week 20

Here’s our week . . .

This has been setup in our living room for about 2 weeks now. Its what we do every morning.IMG_1317


A new recipe – soba with dipping sauce. Its from this cookbook.

Dirty feet.


A new project.IMG_20140519_132537

Another favorite. Mark thinks we should have this at least once a week.IMG_20140520_174238139

I might have eaten two of these very large almond croissants.IMG_20140521_082400881

One afternoon I made Apricot Jam. Its so easy and it only took 45 minutes from prep to jar.IMG_20140521_163930739

Flying a kite.IMG_20140521_190850228

A keeper – Caramelized Vietnamese Pork from Food52.IMG_20140525_183348711_HDR

A friend was kind enough to take a few pictures of us a couple of weeks ago.Carters2+1=35_8_14_7bw




Carters2+1=35_8_14_157Thanks Meagan!

See you next week!


One thought on “Daily Moments – Week 20

  1. Tara- I just love your blogs- Grandkids, good food and great pictures. Thanks for always keeping this blog up for us.

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