Daily Moments – Week 19

Here’s our week. . .

This is now Silas’ smile face. He was at his school’s end of the year picnic.IMG_1218

Brooks’ last day of school. Next year he’ll be ready for pre-K.IMG_1239

This past weekend we took our last trip as a family of 4. IMG_1247

IMG_1251 IMG_1261

The next few are pictures Brooks took of his brother.IMG_1267





This picture made me realize the boys need a hair cut. It was also taken about a minute before Silas slid off the rocks he was climbing and busted his gums on a stick.IMG_1276

So thankful to have Dad. He really does everything with the kids at this point in my pregnancy.IMG_1278

At this point on the trail (only 1/2 mile), I was thankful to be going back towards the car. The whole weekend I was nervous I was going to go into labor. IMG_1295


Silas just couldn’t make it through dinner. I think he was faking it at the beginning but within a few minutes we realized he was really sleeping.IMG_20140512_183752282

This was sent home on the last day of school. I love this picture.IMG_20140513_083037108

I realized that I was nesting when I took out my q-tips in order to clean out the fridge. I also realized that I have a lot of pickles.IMG_20140515_195658514_HDR

I bought pixie sticks for the boys and realized you have to teach someone how to eat it.IMG_20140516_173839154

Finally, in the mouth.IMG_20140516_173850650


Ice cream one afternoon.IMG_20140517_144719807

Last day of making school lunches. Glad to be done with this for the summer.IMG_20140518_212603

Brooks is now into space.IMG_20140518_212703

Our favorite meal of the week – pork loin with cherries, roasted potatoes, and green beans.IMG_20140518_212751

Favorite midnight snack – mangoes with lime salt and ground chipotle.IMG_20140518_212840

See you next week!

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