Daily Moments – Week 18

Here’s our week . . .


How to stain treat an entire shirt?IMG_1182

Brooks told me he was juggling.IMG_1185

This was taken minutes after the following conversation,

“Mom, sometimes I just like to call him Linc.”

“Who do you like to call Linc?”

“Lincoln, sometimes I just like to call him Linc, Mom.”

“Did you read that in a book?”

“No, I just like giving him a nickname.”

And then Silas tried to eat him. (Those are his claws by the way.)IMG_1191

And next they were “sleeping” on the floor.


One afternoon, I made apple slushies. I put whipped cream on top of theirs and they thought they were eating snow.


I love Brooks’ pictures. On the left side he drew a T-Rex with a blue sun and on the right he made his first family portrait.IMG_1212

He is really into Apollo 11 right now. This is a building of a rocket with a tower, an astronaut, and the American flag on the moon.IMG_1213

Brooks made a castle in his quiet time.

My morning walk.IMG_20140507_095657343_HDR

Pancakes. This time they were from the Pioneer Woman.IMG_20140509_080204

End of the year teacher gifts – aloe vera plants.IMG_20140509_143420

This is my good morning wake -up.IMG_20140509_143546

He becomes a dinosaur desperate for space stories at 6:30am.IMG_20140509_143646

We like to wear our PJs sometimes at 3:30pm.IMG_20140509_143828

Time is fast approaching. I’m beginning to get things in the mail.IMG_20140509_155249

He is actually sleeping behind these glasses.

A rainy shopping trip to Trader Joe’s.IMG_20140510_170200045

I love to sit on my porch when it rains.IMG_20140511_135407

This weekend Silas and I attended a cooking class. No surprise, he loved it.
IMG_20140511_135451Happy Mother’s Day and I’ll see you next week!


One thought on “Daily Moments – Week 18

  1. Love the picture of the dinosaur and Silas biting him. Reminds me of the time Alissa put on her tiger costume and bit me on the foot.

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