daily moments – week 24

Its Jonas’ 6th birthday today and I thought I would post some of my favorite pictures of him from this year.

Jonas –


Happy Birthday Little Guy!

You have been counting down the days till this special day. I am afraid you’ll be disappointed tomorrow morning when we have start from the beginning. You are a light in our house and are a source of laughter. Your voice is sometimes louder than everyone else’s and sometimes you have to fight just a bit harder for attention, food, or toys but I think that comes with being the youngest. I will never worry about you advocating for yourself. You are brave and tough and have an adventurous spirit. You are kind and empathetic and always willing to help out a friend/brother/Mom in need. You have always loved fire trucks, police cars, rescue helicopters, and ambulances. I love that you want to be a helper.

I hope you are able to experience adventure, to rescue those in need, and to be source of joy to others. Don’t forget you have a soft side and its okay to let it show. You don’t always have to be the tough guy.

We love you! Happy Birthday!


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