Happy Birthday Silas!

Its Silas’ Birthday. Here’s some of my favorite pictures of him from this year.

Our Sweet Silas –

Happy Birthday my boy. Every year you surprise us with your creativity and wild spirit. This year you received for your birthday a replica of a western cap gun riffle, books, Legos, a cooking subscription, a journal, bath bombs, and a tin of tea. All of these things hit at your many interests – history, writing, cooking, engineering, and your ability to self care in the midst of a chaotic house. You always find a way to remain unique, independent, and curious. A few times this year, I caught you helping Jonas with his work. You were patient, kind, and energetic and I couldn’t help but wonder if you might make a great teacher someday.

We love you so very much. I love to watch you live and explore and wander and read and write and laugh and cook and build. It makes me so proud to see you begin to grow up. I love all the knowledge you bring to the table. There’s a reason why you are a Ravenclaw. Don’t lose that curiosity.

Love You. Mom.

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