daily moments – week 27

This is the only picture I took this week with a camera separate from my phone. The older boys were at camp and Jonas and I stayed busy.

Here’s our week . . .

I am currently obsessed with harissa. Its like sriracha but it has preserved lemons in it. We had it in Morrocco and I have been trying to hunt it down. Finally found it and its going on everything.
Tara Carter Photography 2016-07-01 (127 of 1)

This week we have been training Jonas to sleep in a toddler bed. He took out his diapers and all of his wipes. After about an hour I didn’t care what he did, I just needed him to go to sleep. IMG_20160627_133614134

I believe this was Day 3 of toddler bed training. He didn’t sleep.IMG_20160629_134956891

Baby toes.
IMG_20160629_170953806_HDR (1)

Silas loved this moment. He loves to cuddle.IMG_20160629_171340153_HDR

Silas was Santa, Brooks was a reindeer, the clothes basket was a sled and Jonas was a special elf that travels with Santa.IMG_20160630_080320323

They gave me special presents.IMG_20160630_080551329_HDR

Day 4 of toddler bed training. No nap again.IMG_20160630_154213555

We hosted friends from CA. So good to see them and their boys!IMG_20160630_194600760

We went to Atlanta to visit friends with chickens.IMG_20160701_192855113

The boys loved it.IMG_20160701_193602222

I woke up on Saturday morning with patriotic signs.IMG_20160702_072745032

Cooking the eggs we got from the farm.IMG_20160702_080106662

Silas got a science experiment kit for his birthday.IMG_20160702_140028438

This is what my kitchen table looks like. Full of garden delights.IMG_20160702_140205847

Have a fun 4th! See you next week!

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