daily moments – week 26

We were traveling all this week to visit family, but I was able to capture a few pictures of our week.

Here’s our week . . .

It rained almost the entire time we were at our family’s home. We had to find ways to stay entertained.

My niece loves to help with the “babies.”IMG_2105



All the cousins.IMG_2138

The youngest (by a day).IMG_2140Chunky knees, boots, and bloomers.

Slip-n-slide in the rain. IMG_2148

I have no clue what is happening in this picture.IMG_2152

All the cousins with the Moms.IMG_2174


Who wouldn’t want to spend a few days with this crew.IMG_2221

They look so much alike.IMG_2232


These two are only a day apart.IMG_2238




We took the boys to a game while we were in town.IMG_20160624_193412656_HDR

Can you spot the three?IMG_20160625_200404

The cloud watching was fantastic.IMG_20160625_200554

Digging for bones.IMG_20160625_200749

See you next week!

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