Daily Moments – Week 51

Merry Christmas! We spent our week in North Carolina with family and I took a break from the camera. Most of the pictures from this week were from my phone (I got a new one and I’m still trying to figure out all the special features).

Here’s our week . . .


A morning spent at the Children’s Museum with cousins.

Christmas Eve. This is the best shot I got. IMG_20131228_082225198


They were fascinated by the activity books their Grammy made them.




Both boys got soccer balls and shin guards.IMG_0372

I love these next few shots.IMG_0374



They also practiced kicking each other to see if the guards really worked.
IMG_20131226_175800848They boys had their first Hibachi experience. I think it was a win – win for everyone.

See you in the New Year!


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