Daily Moments – Week 50

Its almost Christmas! Its been crazy and I’m sure you are feeling it, too. At this point though, I’m restfully sitting in a La-Z-Boy while watching the news and Silas play with blocks. I can say I’m fairly relaxed now, but at this point last week I was a crazy lady trying to get everything ready for the school parties, Christmas gatherings, and sending out our annual card and the many gifts to our friends and family that live far away.  Its over and I’m grateful that I’m standing on the other side.

Here is a peek at our week . . .

Christmas came and landed in my dining room.

Brooks thought his sleeping chart looked better on his dresser instead of the fridge.IMG_0302

I made lots of bread – 5 loaves to be exact.IMG_0305

Brooks got to enjoy a loaf.IMG_0308

Brooks made his first appearance in a Christmas program at school.IMG_0316


My sister helped me make Christmas cookies.
IMG_0333I think we’ll keep our day jobs.


A rainy day movie with cousin.IMG_0337

I love little feet.IMG_0340

I can’t get enough of these. IMG_20131216_202602

Or this. In case your wondering, Its an egg-in-a-hole. Lighting is bad a 6:30 a.m.IMG_20131218_074930

We made many trips to the grocery store this week. Brooks was a patient shopper.IMG_20131218_213530

Happy Merry Early Christmas! Try to relax and enjoy the next few days.

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