Daily Moments – Week 26

Here’s our week. . .

We started out our week in Springfield, IL with family and then slowly moved south.

The boys were fascinated by the iPad.


And fish. 004

All the kids were patriotic on the Fourth.011

This guy has the best facial expressions.021

Silas couldn’t stay away from Ruby Cat.030


The Great Grandkids with Gigi and Uncle.045

This is what my kids did during the fireworks.048

Serious patriotism.049


Brooks eventually woke up, but Silas slept the whole time.060


Boating with dad. This picture was taken at 7:30 am. They woke at 5:30 every morning.085

It took some time to get everyone organized for the big family picture. (There were 126 of us!)091

Wagon Ride for the kids (and adults).103


Boat races.130

Paddle boats. (Mark took the boys out every morning to let me sleep an extra hour. Thank you!)138

Even the Grandpas got in on the racing.146

Softball tournament. (My branch of the family won.)148

We had an incredible trip, but we are always happy to back at home.


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