Back to the Basics

Because of our recent addition I’ve had to find recipes that don’t take as much time and can easily be put together without a lot of prep time. These two dishes have been made many times this summer because they taste delicious and are really easy to make.

This first recipe reminds me of summer. Its one that we ate during the summer when we had fresh okra. We love it because it uses bacon and ingredients from our garden.

Trader Joe’s has a new product on their shelves that called “Ends and Pieces.” Its basically large pieces of uncured bacon. Any type of bacon will work, but pieces with more fat on them of course make a better tasting dish.

Bad picture. I’m still working with my camera and the light near my stove is really bad.

Finished. It tastes even better with a wedge of corn bread with honey. I made some from scratch the other day and decided for now on home made corn bread is the only way to go. It was so easy.
Here’s the recipe:
– 3 large vine-ripened tomatoes, chopped
– 2 small green tomatoes (optional) if you don’t have any, use another ripe tomato
– 1 small yellow onion, chopped
– 10 to 15 pods of okra, sliced in 1/2 inch rounds
– several slices of bacon
– 1 tbsp of sugar
– 1 tbsp of butter
– salt and pepper to taste
Fry the bacon until crisp. Let drain on paper towels. Add the onion to the pan with the bacon grease and let soften ( 3 to 5 minutes). Add okra and stir until tender (3 to 5 minutes). Add the tomatoes and remaining ingredients and cook until tomatoes have softened (10 minutes). Crumble the bacon back into the okra and tomato mixture and cook another minute. Serve over rice.
This next recipe is so easy and quick, I often let Brooks help me.

I didn’t let him put this spoon back into the dish because he licked it as I was taking this picture.

My inspiration came from a Real Simple recipe and I’ve replicated it several ways at least 5 times this summer. It always turns out perfect.

Peach-Plum Galette:

– 3 ripe peaches, sliced into wedges
– 2 ripe plums (any type will work), sliced into wedges
– 3 tbsp of sugar
– 1 pre-made crust (I like Pillsbury)
– 1 tbsp of milk, egg wash, or water (I’ve only used water, but any of the three will work)
– 1 tbsp of butter
Preheat oven to 350. Place one crust on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Combine the peaches and plums with 2 tbsp of sugar. Pile the peaches and plums on center of crust with about 2 inches remaining on the sides. Dot the center with butter. Fold the sides and then apply water, milk, or egg wash. Sprinkle the crust with the remaining 1 tbsp of sugar. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes (until crust is golden). Let cool for 15 minutes before serving.

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