Daily Moments – Week 50

Its almost Christmas! Its been crazy and I’m sure you are feeling it, too. At this point though, I’m restfully sitting in a La-Z-Boy while watching the news and Silas play with blocks. I can say I’m fairly relaxed now, but at this point last week I was a crazy lady trying to get everything ready for the school parties, Christmas gatherings, and sending out our annual card and the many gifts to our friends and family that live far away. ┬áIts over and I’m grateful that I’m standing on the other side.

Here is a peek at our week . . .

Christmas came and landed in my dining room.
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Its That Time Again

We got our Christmas tree last night and I’m truly excited for Christmas to be just around the corner. Last year, I was in a funk. I now know it was a bit of postpartum depression. This year is different. I was just as excited as Brooks when we picked out our tree. And as the boys, picked out one ornament to put on the tree (Silas could only handle one before he had a melt down) I got a tinge of excitement. I started to remember putting up the tree with my sisters and mom. I usually wore the tree skirt and danced around the room to Amy Grant’s latest Christmas album. Christmas was my thing (I would like to think it still is).

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