Daily Moments – Week 24 (Silas is 3)

Here’s our week . . .

My sweet blond-headed (I mention his blondness often because I am so shocked that he has blonde hair) Silas turned 3 yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to fully think through this milestone because I have been a bit distracted this week. But now that I am writing this post, it makes me sad to think of him as a big boy. Like most Moms we want them to grow up and become independent, but at the same time we still want them to need us. This is going too fast.

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Daily Moments – Week 36

Hello. How’s was your week? Here’s what happened in our house this week . . .

I found apples to stick on our windows for Fall. The boys love these things. I thought about saving them, but since they’re a buck and they end up all over the house and in mouths, I’ve decided to trash them when we change them out for pumpkins next month.IMG_8830


I realized that Silas loves to draw.IMG_8835

I can’t stop eating this stuff. I found it on clearance at Fresh Market. I bought one package and went back the next day for 4 more.

Brooks likes to say good-bye to Dad in the morning.IMG_8843

The boys have also done a lot of coloring.

Turns out Silas is really detailed.IMG_8851

I LOVE this picture. It took him about 15 minutes, which is a long time for a two year old.IMG_8867

I cut my hair again. Sorry for the cheesy picture, but it felt weird to smile at camera when I was taking my own picture.IMG_8870

I finally rearranged, organized, and cleaned the boys room. Its only taken me 4 months. IMG_8881


They love this! The boys were occupied for at least 20 minutes with no whining, fighting, or screaming.

Pickles! IMG_8898 Silas loves “budder.”IMG_8905

He is saying “cheese” in this picture.IMG_8912

Brooks spent all of his free-time this week practicing his paper plane skills.IMG_8913

Mark got a chance to take the boys to the river and fish a bit. Everyone (including me) loves it when this happens.
IMG_20130913_110501See you next week!


Kale + Romaine Pesto

Hallelujah for pesto! Sometimes its the only way my kiddos are getting their greens. This recipe was created on a disparate evening when I was trying to figure out what to do with the slim pickings in my fridge. I saw the kale and knew it could be used for pesto, but what about the romaine? Would it work? Turns out just about anything tastes good with a healthy dose of pistachios, olive oil, and salt. 008 Continue reading