Last Daily Moments

It makes me equally sad and relieved to write this final post. As I mentioned in the previous post, keeping up with the blog has become a chore and I think I am ready to say goodbye. I will continue to post on my Instagram accounts if you want to continue to follow us and our adventure with my three boys. Thank you for following along for the last 12 years!

Bless this man. He patiently puts up with all of us.
We headed to the beach over New Years.
Charleston was looking lovely in her holiday finest.
Our main reason for heading south was a gift for the kids for Christmas. They really wanted to go to Patriots Point.
We also went on a boat ride and stopped at an island in the harbor.
We rang in the New Year with dear friends.
It was one of our favorite New Year’s.
Brooks hasn’t found a burger he can’t down in one sitting.
Christmas Morning on the porch.
A break along the road back North.
Merry Christmas from Silas.
I live with crazy creatures.
Someone was jealous of his brother’s school stocking.

That’s all I have from the last few weeks. It has been pleasure having you all along on this journey!

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