daily moments – week ?

This year is my last year to do the blog. I have found my life so busy now with the kids and my own business that I have had a hard time keeping up with every week. So I am saying goodbye to this sweet space. I am hoping to someday put all down in a book since I have 12 years worth of pictures and captions. I am hoping to do one last post after this one to end off the year. I hope you have enjoyed seeing little glimpses into the lives of my three boys.

Here’s our week . . . .

The captain of our ship. The boys love to go through the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights and pretending to shoot down the houses with lights. In this picture, Jonas is sticking his head out of the sun roof and yelling orders at his brothers.
We all went to the Nutcracker this week. I love that they all still go with me even if they don’t enjoy it all.
Working in the clouds this week.
Anyone else having a hard time parting with their pumpkins.
What a sunrise!
I love Advent. We don’t always make it every night but when we do I love the reflection, tradition, and thoughtfulness behind it all.
A little Christmas scene from our house.
A kind neighbor dropped off hot cocoa with peppermint spoons. Brooks took it upon himself to create a board. He wanted me to take a picture because he was so proud of his work.
I love this season.
Pie! First year to try out marshmallows as a garnish for our pumpkin pie.

See you hopefully next week!

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