Brooks is 12

Brooks –

It’s been such an upside down year. I often wonder how you will remember the year you started middle school in midst of a pandemic. This year feels like a milestone. I think in my mind I thought by 12 you wouldn’t want us around. I now know how wrong I was. You need us more than ever this year with so many new things happening in your life. And we are here for you every step of the way.

I am so incredibly proud to be your Mom! You are kind, responsible, and sensitive. You take charge if a leader is needed but you are also happy to work in the background. You are driven and competitive and can handle new challenges. Whether it’s walking into a new school or trying an activity for the first time, you take it on and succeed and make new friends along the way.

Your Dad and I love you so dearly. We enjoy laughing, talking, and just being with you. We will always be here supporting you and loving you. Happy 12th!


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