daily moments – week 31

This week we were still stuck at home so not many pictures. Here’s our week . . .

Silas during day 6 of quarantine.
Waiting inline for tests. It feels like this has been most of our week – masks, testing, isolating, cleaning, and more staying home.
Brooks created weapons with cardboard to outfit the whole neighborhood.
We had so many treats and meals brought to us this week from neighbors. One day we got veggie borscht and Russian brown bread brought from our neighbors from Russia. Another day we got brisket from our neighbors from Texas.
Covid patient number 2 is doing fine after a couple days not feeling great.
After being stuck at home all week we drove to the mountains for a hike that everyone complained about. Apparently it was too hot and everyone was too hangry.

Hoping next week’s post has nothing to do with covid and we are all feeling normal again.

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