daily moments – week 24?

Its been a busy summer full of family, birthdays, and swim team. I’ve missed a few weeks but I think this will catch us up.

This summer I’ve been able to add a few more clients. Its hectic but good.
Swim team has been so much fun but exhausting.
We’ve had so much fresh produce in our yard and our neighbor’s. I have several containers of blueberries in my freezer.
We’ve also had too many plums so we’ve been creative with all the ways you can use a plum.
The early crew.
Clean out the fridge salad. Those are really the best salads.
Shopping spree at the H-Mart.
Long car rides for a short visit. Its always worth it though.
Practicing driving skills.
When did he get so old?
Always serious or delirious. There’s not really an in-between with this one.
My Mom is growing the most Dr.Seuss plant I have ever seen.

Hoping to pick back up with weekly posts! Crossing my fingers we’ll be back next week!

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