Silas is 10!

Happy Birthday Silas! Here’s a few of our favorites from this year . . .

My Dear Silas –

Happy Birthday! You are in the double digits and I can’t believe we are here. You surprise me everyday with your creative ventures. Whether it’s cigarettes, novels, or lemonade stands, you are always creating and imagining ways to make a dollar. Most of our friends and family are curious about what you will do with your life someday. Whatever you decide to pursue, it will be interesting and you’ll do it with confidence. You have self confidence and are not deterred by what others think of you. You are fascinating and curious and adventurous and brave and smart. I love you for all these things but I mostly just love you because you are you. My dear boy, don’t stop dreaming and pretending and reading and writing and creating and making tea and cooking. Care and listen to others.

I love you!


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